Online or Browser Based Whois Utility

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We have added another utility to our swiss army knife of utilities. This one is the whois utility or function. It will return domain information for a specified domain. If the domain is registered, it will provide various bits of information such as registration date, expiry data, renewal date and so forth. If the domain is not registered, it will let you know that too.

The main reason for adding such a utility is the whois utility uses its own unique tcp port to communicate with the whois service. Many companies block this port (usually only allowing browsing). So in order to use whois within such a company, you need to find one which works through a browser. Well, look no further, you have found it.

What about IP addresses? Well, throw in an IP address and see what happens. All part of the whois database lookup.

Adding a blog

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We have added a blog to our site. It is home-grown, so no Wordpress here. We backfilled some activities we have done in the past so we have a good timeline of when we have added additional pages to our website.

QR Code Generator

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Our newest addition to the Web's Best Computer Apps. The QR Code Generator is an application which can generate QR codes. It is designed to deliver data to devices with almost all smartphones nowadays. The data is typically a URL but it can be numbers or secret messages.

Sample QR Codes

Here are some QR Codes to play with. QR Code Image 1 QR Code Image 2 QR Code Image 3

Rule of 80 Calculator

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Our second addition to the Web's Best Computer Apps. The Rule of 80 Calculator is a calculator that can assist you in determining a retirement age. Many companies have a Rule of X, where X can be anywhere between 70 and 110. The Rule of 80 is the age plus the years of credited service equaling 80.

Webs Best Computer Apps

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Our Second WBCA...Web's Best Computer Apps. Maybe not the best title, but this will be a collection of web tools. So far, we have put in What is my IP?. Basically it will let you know what your IP address is.

Winters Best Cool Activities

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Our First WBCA...Winter's Best Cool Activities. At Winter's Best Cool Activities, we have a collection of videos we have made in the past. We have plans on adding some additional videos shortly...just waiting for the right weather conditions, and you will find more videos.