World's Best Clone Attempt

Last Modified:October 17, 2023

10 Million Dollar Page

Here is our unique and interesting WBCA, which in this case stands for World's Best Clone Attempt.

If you read the about page for the 10 Million Dollar Page, we had attempted to reproduce the success of Alex Tew and his website, the Million Dollar Homepage.

We created a decent attempt. We created a better interface with popup ads which would have been under the control of our clients, the advertisers. We addressed the flaws of the original site so our client's links would never stale out.

We launched a number of campaigns and reached out to many of the country's top Fortune 500 companies.

However, there was little interest.

Still determined for this idea to succeed we switched gears.

We changed our focus switching our site from a pixel-for-purchase style site to an affiliate focussed site. We partnered with a number of affiliates and sure enough, we had supportive clients and the 10 Million Dollar Page began to fill out.

10 Million Dollar Page Animated GIF

Over the course of years, there were peaks and valleys of interest, with varying degrees of success with our site.

However, we came across 3 road blocks.

In order to become more popular, one had to get the word out about our site. Many of the social media sites frown upon promoting sites which were solely advertising sites, which the 10 Million Dollar page was.

Many search engines looked for quality and content. This ruled out our main page because to search engines, we had little to offer on our main page.

Additionally, the method on how a site ranks on the internet changed. Websites now had to be mobile friendly in order to rank higher. The main homepage of the 10 Million Dollar page could not be made mobile friendly because of design (although the rest of our site is mobile friendly). The main page had to be an image of 1000x1000 pixels without scaling because of the functionality of our javascript pop-ups. So in this new era of mobile friendliness, our website was failing.

So essentially, the 10 Million Dollar Page was stale-mated...not going any further and not getting any more popular.

Looking back at our efforts and plan, it was a very promising attempt. The idea was sound but the reality sunk in after a number of years of trying...not profitable.

I will keep the site active for as long as I have, and have the 10 Million Dollar Page sit as a subdomain. The links to affiliates will disappear and any links which remain will be links we want to see.

Definitely a lesson's learned not only to myself but also to anyone else looking at re-creating the Million Dollar Homepage.

If someone else attempts to try to reproduce the successes of the original Million Dollar Homepage, we truly wish them the best of luck. You may learn a tip or two browsing through the chronology of the 10 Million Dollar Page blog. It was a plan definitely worthy of an attempt and it could have gone either way. Unfortunately, it leaned more towards not working.

Stay tuned?