Winter's Best Cool Activities

It was a tossup between Winter's Best Cool Activities, Winnipeg's Best Cool Activities or Winterpeg's Best Cool Activities. We have opted in for Winter's Best Cool Activities. I have lived in Winnipeg all my life (over 50 years). That's a lot of cold winters. However, I am proud of our city. We have phenomenal summers, but we also have cold winters. So when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But in our case, when winter brings you cold weather, we made cool videos. Here is our collection.


  1. A Classic Cup of Boiling Water

    Here we are throwing a cup of boiling water into the frigid winter air. This only works when the temperatures are very cold.

  2. A Sprinkler in Winter

    An adaption of the boiling cup of water in the air. Hooked up the hose and sprinkler to our hot water tank. End result, a snow making machine, or a Canadian sprinkler.

    Some more video