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Last Modified: March 25, 2019

WBCA Coop Fuel Up To Win

Coop (or Co-op) is having their FUEL UP TO WIN 2019 contest again in Canada. I was scouring the web to find out which are the rare tickets or stickers for this year's contest. Couldn't find anything. So I figured, why not post a page to help other collectors. So here it is. A list of hard to find stickers.


You can go online at Fueluptowin.ca to see the prizes and other official contest information.

Rare Stickers

Below are the rare stickers for the Fuel Up to Win 2019 contest. These would be stickers I do not have.

Note: These results are based on my playing card. I am collecting only when I fill up gas so only a handful of stickers every week. I will refresh this page as I receive more stickers.

Note2: If it is bolded, then chances are it is definitely the rare sticker (unless I lucked out early, but what are those odds...)

  1. $100,000 Cash - A703 Birch Hills, SK
  2. Free Gas For a Year - B708 Grimshaw, AB
  3. Free Groceries for a Year - C718 Milestone, SK
  4. Dream Vacation - D721 Kelowna, BC
  5. $10,000 Cash - E726 Mayerthorpe, AB
  6. 20 Volt 4-Tool Combo Kit - F736 Ashern, MB
  7. Wood Pellet Grill - G740 Ituna, SK
  8. Pressure Washer - H744 Gillam, MB
  9. $50 Co-op Gift Card - I748 Irma, AB

Good luck with your collecting. If you have any comments or insight into other rare tickets or stickers for the 2019 Fuel Up To Win Contest, feel free to contact us.