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Hi, my name is Al. This is a multi-topic site with a common theme - WBCA

WBCA is an FLA (four letter acronym). You will not find it in a dictionary, but you will find it on the Web. "Webpages by Creative Al" is a WBCA. Check out others on our site.

Something's Different

In the past, this website provided one piece of information. Your IP address. This is what we provided for over 9 years. We will still show you what your IP address is, but now from submenu at http://www.wbca.ca/wbca/webs-best-computer-apps/what-is-my-ip. Same information as before. Just your IP address. No HTML or any other markup stuff. If you view the page-source (or the page), you will only find the IP address.

Current WBCA's

Web's Best Computer Apps

The Web's Best Computer Apps is our collection of tools and information about computers. Our topics will vary and we will provide some insight into Windows platforms, linux platforms and networking. Check out what we have to offer.

Winter's Best Cool Activities

Living in Winnipeg, also known as Winterpeg, we have our share of pretty cold winters. But we love our city and enjoy all the seasons. Winter is fun. Check out our Winter's Best Cool Activities.

Web's Best Coop Advice

Coop (or Co-op) is having their annual Fuel Up To Win 2020 Contest. Are you collecting? If so, what are the rare stickers? Check out our Web's Best Coop Advice to find out.